This is what you can expect at SiT

The first time you visit one of our sessions we understand that you will feel very anxious and nervous. It is common for people to come so far and not be able to come any further – many have felt just like you do now. Some people have made it to the road, or the door but just not been able to come in. We encourage you to take that first step because we don’t believe you’ll look back.

This is where your healing journey begins.

Take the first step.

To help you prepare for your first visit this is what you can expect:

  1. One of our volunteers will greet you as you come in the door at the centre, they will take you to one side and make you feel welcome.
  2. They will not ask you any personal details
  3. They will explain what SiT is about and what we can and can’t offer you
  4. They will ask you what you would like to get out of SiT and discuss whether we can assist and if we can’t we’ll work to find a way to get you what you need – we work with a lot of other agencies.
  5. There will be other people attending who have experienced similar things to you and they will be in a group, probably having a discussion or taking part in an activity (for example model building, craft, art, knitting or anything else they have suggested and are comfortable doing)
  6. You will be encouraged to join in the group session, but not forced.
  7. You will not have to introduce yourself or tell your story
  8. You go at your own pace

We have worked hard to create a relaxed, quality space for you to feel safe and valued.

The outside of the building

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Entrance / Reception

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Community / Group Room

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Counselling Waiting Area

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Counselling Room 1

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Counselling Room 2

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Counselling Room 3

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Group Therapy Room

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Training Room

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Our Sessions - We offer a number of facilitated group and drop in sessions throughout the week as well as 1:1 counselling - please email for more details.










Open 9-5

Phone support available 9.30am to 4pm

11am to 1pm “Evolve Women’s Session” @ 84 Fore Street

Structured, facilitated group session for women – by referral




Office open 9-5

9.30am to 4pm phone support available

10am-1pm “First Steps” @ 84 Fore Street

Welcoming open session for men or women coming to SiT for the first time. Feel free to drop by without an appointment and speak with one of our support workers or get more information about how we can support you.





Office open 9-5

9.30am to 4pm Phone support available

Hold fast groups by referral

10.00 am to 11.30am Walking Group – meet at the question mark statue outside the front of the university for a relaxed walk and support. No referral



Office open 9-5

9.30am to 4.00pm Phone support available

WISH group for women by referral


9-5 Office open

10-12 Phone support available

10.30-12 SiT Cafe

Monthly (last Friday in each month) drop in cafe for SiT clients and their partners, carers and family members. Hot & cold drinks & snacks available to purchase.

Service User Group follows cafe