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I live my life in monotone,
The colour gone,
Stolen, long ago.

They took the beauty,
They took the light,
Out of my life
There is no life

No life, just existence,
Dark, dismal, dank,
Cloudy and grey
Sums up my being

They own me,
Still beyond life,
No longer of this world,
They manage to own me.

Lynn Posted on March 7, 2016

You were sleeping and sleeping and then woke up because rumbles
And don’t remember which monster it was but you were poisoned
In places you thought were yours and there is nothing left anymore.
There is nothing left anymore.
Details deaden the eyes and seep sludge from pores too ungood to exist.
It will not be spoken of. It will not be spoken of. It will silently and politely die.
This happened other times but they are memories of air, unbreathed and unspent.
Caravanised in isolation, the ebb and flow of it, became clear.
That it happened according to the decibel sinusoids of their yells
Before dusk leafed down. You were all that was left for two hungry bogs
Whose marriage was mortared in the fact that they were the same in every way.
At least you were wanted.

You grew to hate every pore, cultivating conceptual blossoms for why everything was wrong and extensive resculpturing would not fix the deformed lumpen fallout-smearing mass of that radiation-hued face.

And then…

There was a moment of silence. Of absence. Fertile soil to grow yourself anew. A dream of one thousand paper cranes paneling you to life. And fire. Pure fire. Erupting. Declaring yourself pure all along. Poisonless all along. It spread like an epidemic of courage. Courage sitting in the darks, awaiting a moment of escape.

It announced itself in the heresy of spring, muraling new life as you put the ice age behind you.

Luka Posted on February 15, 2016

Days filled with dread
Nights filled with fear
Each and every one
For eight long years
A smile covers pain
A laugh covers a tear
Not a soul knew
Except the one who drank the beer.

My words muffled by threats
I could say nothing or he would attack The bruises easily covered
By sleeves colored black
My flinches played off
From a brush against my back.

There is no escape
Neither home nor school
At the first there was abuse
At the later kids were cruel.
A toy to a stepfather
And a joke to the ‘cool’

Home was a prison
The warden was a perv
I was his ‘bitch’
And not to say a word
He hit me,  he touched me
I screamed.. but no one ever heard

There is no escaping
Not even in sleep
All I can dream of
Is the face of the creep
I awake screaming and crying
My invisible wounds are too deep

If only I was strong enough
My end would come
The use of one needle
I could feel numb
No pain from the past
Just from the push of my thumb

I’d do it by the river
Sitting on the cliff
I could rest forever
In a beautiful place
One stick to deliver
My inevitable end

But I wont. He won’t win.

I was 10-18. Posted on January 31, 2016

What were you thinking when you met me and my family?
Did you admire our bravery, our  militant integraty.
Wow 2 adults 2 boys and a dog, just perfect….
A cute Lil family whom didn’t deserve it.

When did you figure when the time was right , to make us aware you were a neighbors delight.

A nice young man you portrayed your self to be , your demeanour your actions..turned us into we.

We spent summer days together, cookouts and cheer your family our family were here..
Who would have known , you …you were to fear.
You did a great job putting on this disguise. No one would know you had eyes for Lil guys.

I am sure it took time to figure out how you could manipulate them, beyond reasonable doubt.

You pretended to be this cool mentor type, one that would play games and always seem polite.
Such a nice young man , we all though..but who..who really knew what you thought alone in the dark?

From day one when you met us  , did you already know, know that you’d be preying on his innocents for no one to know. Keeping him quite with malice in your soul, be a good boy and do what I say..do it or I will not play with you ,not one more day .

What were you thinking, how did you do this? Are thoughts in my head ,sleepless nights in my bed. He is a child , what monster could do this.  Look us in our faces after putting us through this..

A nice young man you portrayed to be, never would have thought you would have been doing what you did.. who would have known you enjoyed Lil kids.

The damage has been done, to whom we hold closest to our hearts , our own son. Who had a beautiful bright future ahead of him without any negative thoughts.

You gave him so much more then he should have to think about ,as a young boy who should only worry about building blocks and toys. Now has to suffer and protect any hope for the future. Worring about will he ever have to face his abuser.

NO NEVER again, the words are spoken .He and we will RISE from the household you once broken. Though days ahead will be tough as nails, we pray to GOD justice prevails.

Hope time will heal his every wound , while my heart bleeds for his healing as he once came out of my womb.

Never would have thought we’d have to pick up your pieces of the mess you have made, but won’t keep us defeated. we definitely will rise to the occasion, get him back on his feet and make him stronger than ever.

No longer suffering from your devilish wrath, may GOD be unforgiving when judging those acts.

So I guess you weren’t thinking and admiring us not, 2 adults 2 kids and a dog, just perfect. A cute Lil family we didn’t deserve it.


What Were You Thinking? Posted on January 15, 2016


I asked my 2 of my babies to describe me ……….     
The Best
Always smiling




NEB Posted on December 22, 2015


No tears
No pain
No scars
No guilt
No disgust
No memories
No words
No forgiveness
No understanding
No feelings
No emotion
No attachment
No issues
No anger
No emptiness
No numbness
No feelings


Nothing ………………….

No pretence

Just ME

NOTHING ………… nothing is the be all to all nothingness …….

NEB Posted on December 22, 2015


My ears pick out his sounds – in the dead of the night
I hide under the covers – out of mind, out of sight

I lay frozen with fear – while preparing myself
To leave my body behind – and put my mind on a shelf

When he passes me by – I rejoice in his wake
I laugh under my breath – for tonight I am safe

But relief turns to guilt with your struggle to be free
For if he did not choose you – he would choose JUDAS me

So I lie to myself – to convince me it’s true
That the shadows that dance on the walls are not you

Then I lie once again – my hands cover my ears
I chant over and over – that I don’t really hear

The soft fumbling his hands make as he loosens your clothes
Nor the dying sound innocence makes when it goes

Please forgive me my sisters – for what is and will be
and for being so happy – he passed by JUDAS me

I know all of the sounds the disgusting things make
as he greedily gobbles and he nightly partakes

I hear your soft cries every night in my mind
they play over and over and with each play I find

That the peace of the chaste that I pray comes my way
always comes at a price that is too high to pay

I remember nothing good ever happens to me
cause you pay with your soul so I’ll walk Judas free.

Shaunda Lindsay Posted on December 7, 2015


There are harms
I have suffered
A lifetime will not repair
Love (when I can feel) helps but
Never seems to heal

Happy day. Full smile. Connection.
A biding of time until
the next break

When it comes
Behind these eyes
(Which everyone calls kind)
Are Heaven
And Hell
No in between
But mostly Hell

When it’s bad
I cannot feel
Love. Trust. Joy. Hope. Complete.

So I slide, again
My parts take over
Speak for me
Speak to me
Don’t move! Not safe! Run! End yourself! Now!

Sometimes I’d like to meet them
Who made me this way
Face to face, gun in hand
I was a child then
And they are old men
No pain, no shame
No harm I could cause
Could ever be

The Boy At The Table Posted on November 25, 2015

The Happy Family

You tell me how to play
I Play
You tell me how to pray
I pray
You tell me how to say
I say
You tell me how to suck
I suck
We are the happy family.

The Face You Never Saw

Always smiling, childlike
Great gentle giant.
Undemanding and dependent

Hurting, thrusting
The smell of sweat
Whispered threats

Dear Mother-
I saw the face you never saw.

Psalm 121

Ever watching
Never sleeping
Where do you hide
Your face
When I lie
In my shame?

The Safe Place

There is a world
Where I can hide
And no one can ever
Find me.
I can't be hurt.
I can't be touched.
I hide inside of me.

The Scream

There is a scream
Inside my head
That if released
Would take a part of me
With it.

I hate the way you look
I hate the way you talk
I hate my body
Because it gave you pleasure


Where did all my feelings go?
The Blankets smothered my guilt
And took away my warmth.
The sheets stole my grief
And turned my heart cold.
His warm breathe
Blew my anger out the window
Where it joined my soul.

The Inner Child

There is a little girl, sitting, crying
Why is she in my house?
I go to ask he what is wrong,
She is me.

She will not talk
She just sits,
Head bowed low
And cries.

I am bewildered.
I cannot ask her to leave,
Where will she go?
I can close the door and leave
Her there,
Crying alone.

But now that I know
She is there
Her presence cannot be ignored.

Her silent crying
Can be heard
In every room
Of my house.

But she cannot be comforted
And she cannot

Warrior Child
The Unknown Soldier.

Children of abusive and incestuous home around the
world fight for survival in a war not recognized by any
government. The battles they fight go without mention.
Their victories without celebration. These children fight
armed only with the need to be loved and accepted. Their
wounds bleed self-hate, shame and betrayal. Bandages
offer little relief and drugs cannot dull the pain. The
wounds of the warrior child must be healed by the child

It is so much easier to walk away from a hurtful past than to confront the issue. But we cannot remove the past from our hearts- it is there to stay and the only hope for true peace with the past is to face it at its worst. To seek to forgive, to be forgiven, to make amends and to be reconciled

Yesterday I did take a walk
Through the garden of my memories,
And I did enter the tomb of my childhood,
I saw the corpse of the child I once was.
The long abandoned shell of the child I could and
Should have been.
I felt the stretch of fear and terror,
And the decaying scent of torn away innocence discarded,
And I wept for what was lost and could not be regained,
What should have been and never was.
Then the hot fiery wind of rage,
Swept through me,
A tremor of anger about to surface and erupt,
But it subsides and all was still.
The secrets of my past overwhelmed me,
The pain and guilt weighed me down,
And I knew that I had to be free from this place,
Escape this coven of destruction and tears,
So I clamoured, hurried to get out,
Shielding my eyes lest they see
The pitiful images of what I had hidden,
That ripped into my mind, tore into my heart
And seared deep into my soul.
And as I passed back through the garden of my memories,
I felt an instant tugging of my hand,
And I looked down to see what was so impatiently
To rouse me from my thoughts
And lo it was a small child,
A' skipping along beside me,
And when she did see that she had gained my attention,
She did say
'At last you have noticed I am here,
There is hope for us, so do not be disheartened,
For now we can live and feel joy again,

And you must nurture me, and cherish me, and love me,
For I am part of you,
I am the child within.'

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