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Call 07765 052282/01473 232499

What to expect when you come to SiT

We have worked hard to create an environment that you will feel comfortable, safe and welcome in. We have consulted with lots of survivors over the years to get this right because it’s important to us that you feel comfortable here.

Our ethos is based on an underpinning set of principles that we developed with staff, volunteers and service users as follows:

  • We never forget everyone is an individual and should be treated as such.
  • We are inspired by survivors bravery and courage, recognising their resilience.
  • We are independent and speak out fearlessly.
  • We are inclusive. We reach out to anyone who needs us.
  • We have integrity. We treat people with honesty and respect.
  • We are innovative. We are always seeking to improve and advance the methods and models we use to help survivors.
  • We are kind. We treat people with care and compassion.

Here at SiT we want to provide the widest range of practitioners and professionals to support you on your journey. We want to reassure you that each and every member of the team receive a robust induction and are suitably qualified to work with you in a trauma informed manner. As an organisation we adhere to the BACP and UKCP ethical guidelines and membership and all of our team members receive mandatory monthly professional supervision, in house and external training. Most of our team start in a voluntary position in order to understand how we work before embarking on any interventions with clients. We regularly review and carefully monitor all of our cases to ensure quality and consistency. Anyone working with you will explain their qualifications and the kind of support they will offer you – if at any time you want to check your worker’s qualifications, experience or additional training please email

We want you to feel welcome

The first time you visit our centre we understand that you will feel very anxious and nervous. This is very normal, you are taking a big step. It is common for people to come so far and not be able to come any further – many have felt just like you do now.

Some people have made it to the road, or the door but just not been able to come in. We encourage you to take that first step because we don’t believe you’ll look back.

This is where your healing journey begins. Take the first step.

See where you are going

To help you see where you will be going you can take a virtual tour from the font door through the building – this may help with your anxiety and make you feel a bit more at ease before you come in.

Take a look around

We have worked hard to create a relaxed, quality space for you to feel safe and valued.

Virtual Tour

Click and drag to get a 360 view of the drop-in centre.