What is Childhood Sexual Abuse?

It is acknowledged that childhood sexual abuse happens a lot more frequently than people would have believed, or have wanted to believe in the past.

You may not be sure if you were abused or not so we have listed some of the things that have happened to people who were abused as a guideline.

Sexual abuse involves an abuse of power – the abuser being an adult or an older child. Sexual abuse also involves an abuse of trust.

Childhood Sexual Abuse can include the following:

  • Being cuddled or kissed in a way that made you feel uncomfortable
  • Being bathed in a way that made you feel uncomfortable
  • Having to look at other peoples genitals
  • Having to touch other peoples genitals
  • Having your own breasts or genitals touched
  • Having to pose for photographs of a sexual nature
  • Being shown films and/or having to listen to sexual talk
  • Having your vagina or anus penetrated by a penis, finger or object

* This is not a definitive or exhaustive list

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